June 2012 Newsletter from X1
Welcome to the X1 Newsletter! We've been busy with the release of Professional Client v6.7.4, integration with X1 Rapid Discovery Cloud Search, and an improved Knowledge Base!
Version 6.7.4 Released
X1 Professional Client
Reaches the Cloud
Free Live Training
New Knowledge Base
X1 Tips & Tricks
Social Media & Discovery
Version 6.7.4 Released
X1 is proud to announce the release of X1 Professional Client 6.7.4. This upgrade to our award-winning X1 Professional Client includes a number of feature enhancements and bug fixes.
New Improvements:
  • Sharper text and other UI enhancements for improved results review
  • Connectivity to X1 Rapid Discovery (see below!!)
  • Improved the default settings to allow for faster indexing
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"There's nothing like
fast as you type search.
I love it!"
-- FL
"These new improvements make indexing faster than ever!"
-- CN
X1 Professional Client Reaches the Cloud
X1's award winning desktop search now extends from your desktop to the cloud! The X1 Professional Client, version 6.7.4, now searches managed data residing in the cloud, by connecting to X1 Rapid Discovery. X1 Rapid Discovery is X1's unique eDiscovery and enterprise search solution that identifies, searches and collects your mission critical data whether it resides in the cloud or within the enterprise. So now you can search cloud based data alongside your local emails and files!
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Live Webcast: X1 Professional Client Product Tour
(30 min)
Master basic and advanced search commands, saving searches to save time, customizing your
Post Search Actions, and searching Microsoft Office and PDF documents. Join our marketing associate, Ben, as he takes you on a whirlwind tour through the most powerful desktop search application on the market! This event is complimentary.
Register for a session now by clicking a date below:
Benjamin Roberts
New Knowledge Base
Addressing X1 Professional Client questions has never been easier thanks to our new and improved Knowledge Base. Check out this video tour of our Knowledge Base, as well as other support resources like our X1 forum community and Software Assurance support portal.
Visit Knowledge Base >
Tips and Tricks: X1 Basic and Advanced Search Commands
Did you know you can use advanced search operators and Boolean commands to narrow results within your X1 Professional Client?
Watch a 3 minute video to learn how to get the most out of your X1 searches.
Social Media Search & Discovery
Effectively manage social media content through a powerful platform to collect, authenticate, search, review and produce data from popular social media sites with X1 Social Discovery.
Watch a 3 minute video to learn more about this powerful tool and to see the product in action.
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